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Added: Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I have fond memories of Flo Val as the child of one of Flo Val's math teachers. My sister and I always looked forward to Thursday nights (Family night). My mom often taught a class at that time, so my sister and I would go on our own to the cafeteria for dinner. As young girls, we thought that was so cool! After dinner we headed for the pool and swam and dove for several hours. On many Thursdays, Candy Williams, who was my age, was training for competitive diving with her dad. Her dad would often give me diving tips, too. Candy's younger sister Wendy was about the same age as my younger sister. Wendy had little to no interest in diving, much to her father's chagrin! But many years later, she's the one who ended up on the US Olympic Diving Team!

Flo Val's summer camp was one of the best summer programs I've ever attended and I only wish that summer programs for kids now were as educational, fun, engaging, and relaxed. My interests in fencing and the uneven parallel bars were first inspired by the counselors there. I couldn't get enough. I also got a taste of my own desire to win and have fond memories of winning blue ribbons in fencing and underwater distance swimming as well as a 2nd place in uneven parallels during the end of season "Olympics."

-- Alyson Keirle attended in the 1970's

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